We have been using Buddy Care for awhile now and I honestly wish I had found them much sooner!

Due to my son having disabilities and medical issues, I was torn between caring for him and giving our 4 legged baby the attention he needed, not to mention scrambling to find someone to "help" when there was an emergency.

I was very stressed and found Buddy Care and they have been a life saver!
When contacting Buddy Care Jim came out and we made a "plan" in case of emergencies and he gave us a very flexible walking schedule - all of this has helped me tremendously knowing things are going to be well taken care of.

Now Speedy is getting the exercise he needs and because of that he is much calmer and relaxed around the house. I swear he knows when Jim is coming because he will walk back and forth to the window and whine on the day's that he is going to be walked! (Not to forget my bird Goldy, Jim always takes time to greet him too!)

Jim is very professional and knowledgeable about what he does.

Saying that finding Buddy Care is a God send may seem a little dramatic but for our situation it is truly a God send!

Thank you so very much!! Cindy, Zachary, Speedy and Goldy

Smokey and Boomer - cat sitting
Having lived in another state for many years, we discovered that relocating left us without caretakers for our pets. We were not sure a company could be found in this area that specialized in pet sitting. When our need for these services became most necessary, a brochure from Buddy Care arrived at our door. It was too coincidental to not give them a try. It has been a blessing to find such caring and responsible pet sitters whose love and concern of animals makes their business No. 1 in our life. We would highly recommend their services to anyone considering the alternative of in-home pet care.
Nancy & Jeff
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Dog Care and Cat Care Testimonials
Buddy Care got started by taking care of our family, friends and neighbors’ pets. Soon we were recommended to their friends, family and neighbors. Growing from word of mouth is the best compliment any business could
ask for.
We are a husband and wife team doing what we love best — caring for pets. Your pets will receive exceptional individual attention from us every time. We take our service very seriously and we’re dedicated to the care of your pet.
Proud members of:
Professional Pet Sitters of Minnesota
Pet Sitters International
Animal Humane Society
Dear Jim and Heidi,
We wanted to thank you both again for the wonderful job you did with our Smokey. It was hard to leave him with someone else for ten days, especially when we were out of the country and hard to reach. But it was important to us that he stay in his own environment, and trusting someone in our house was not an easy decision either.
We were thrilled to find our home well taken care of, and the daily details (mail, etc.) attended to. But the best thing was to see how Smokey felt about you - sharing his
toys with you (plus all the kisses) means he had a good time too. Who says animals can't talk?! He has requested that you come again, and we certainly hope you will do that - it was a great experience for all of us!
Thanks again,
Tony and Pat R. and Smokey
“Both my husband and I were able to enjoy our 10 day vacation knowing that the professionals of Buddy-Care were taking care of our "2 kids", our cats! The Buddy-Care Pros visited every day and spent quality time with our cats,  caring , feeding, cleaning
and playing with them!  Lots of TLC - they even took pictures of our
cats and e-mailed them to us along with a written update! We will definitely
use them again!”

Mickey W.
Dear Mr. O'Brien,
I wanted to thank you for providing such excellent dog sitting service while I was vacation in Mexico. It was a great relief knowing that my dogs were watched while in the comfort of their own home, rather than having to take them to a kennel where sometimes conditions are less than adequate. In addition to my dog's well being, I also want to thank you for bringing in the mail, feeding the horses and making sure my pipes didn't freeze during my absence. Instead of having to make a couple of trips to the post office to stop mail service, along with other numerous arrangements and errands, it was much easier and very convenient to make one call to Buddy Care, and all my special needs were able to be met. Thank you again for providing such excellent service!
Sincerely, Lisa E.
“The biggest decision we've had to make relating to our travel plans has always been: Who do we trust to take care of our dogs! We have two-- Baxter and Bailey--and they are the hairy, drooling, loving center of our family. We've tried everything: kennels, boarding facilities, doggy day care centers. They all work in a pinch, but when we return home from our travels, it always takes some time to get Baxter and Bailey back in the routine. They are always a little off-center from having to deal with a strange environment, other dogs, group feeding schedules, group exercise schedules, and who knows what other group
activities we never engage in at home! Then we discovered the wonders of
bringing people we trust into our own home, who are willing and eager to work
their schedules around the way we do things. More to the point, the way Baxter
and Bailey do things! We found and recommend Heidi and Jim and more
importantly, Baxter and Bailey recommend Heidi and Jim.You can tell by the
way the dogs react when our caretakers arrive, and we walk out the door.
Notice how they give a quick lick to our hands, and then run away to play
with their new "friends".
We trust that while we are gone, they are exercised to their hearts content, play
fetch and tug, eat on their own schedules, sleep on their own schedules, and in the
comfort of their own home. And, we get the much desired peace of mind everyone
wants on vacation travels. Now the only worry we have is that when we come home,
we might find that the dogs haven't missed us at all!”
 Deb and Tom N.
Smokey - dog sitting
Heid and Jim - in home pet sitting
Harley and Al - cat care
Max and Fred - pet care
Baily and Baxter - dog sitting
Buddy CarePet Services Testimonials Contact Buddy Care
"This was our first time using a dog walking service. We felt completely confident in Heidi and Jim. Plus, when we got home they had left a wonderful photo of our dogs, JoJo and Paco, with a note on how they behaved. All in all, a wonderful experience and we would definitely use them again!"  Jennifer C.
JoJo and Paco - dog walking
"When we leave on our weekend getaways and leave our labs, Buck &
Disney at home waiting for Jim and Heidi, we don't worry at all because we know they are going to be walked, loved and cared for.  Buddy Care Owners, Jim & Heidi, are in the pet sitting business for the right reason...for their love of animals. They are thorough, and provide other services like taking in the mail. This eliminates one more hassle of going to the post office to stop your mail.  When we arrive home we are greeted by two happy, well-fed labs who the last time looked at us like, "Where are those other people?" It's nice to not worry about your furry friends when you go away. Leaving them in your own home so they can sleep on their own beds and hang out in familiar surroundings makes your life and theirs much less stressful. Buddy Care is the way to go!"   Doug & Traci L.
Dear Buddy Care:
I'm a very private person so I was very hesitant allowing someone in my house, but after the consultation you put me at complete ease. Now after over a year of using your service I'm not sure how I did without you. Not only does Mandy look forward to your visits I feel my home is being checked on while I am away. Jodi and Guido S.
P.S. - love the cards and updates you give us too.
Argus wanted to say thanks for your daily dog walks. And I have to agree - on the days you come over to take him for a walk when I work late, I swear I can see him smiling when I get home. He has a much better disposition and a lot happier. We thank you for your help.  Erich and Arrgus the Viking